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Financial management

We believe that any financial products if required, should be an integral part of the financial plan. What investment return do you require to make your plan work? Are you comfortable with the level of risk required to achieve your goals? Are your existing pension, protection and investment products appropriate? Key values from framework financial are honesty, transparency and fair value. Our approach to managing your wealth reflects this.




What we will do

Review your existing arrangements 

We will review existing pension, protection or investment plans in terms of suitability and costs. If appropriate, we will provide recommendations for alternative options relevant to your requirements.

Tailor your investment strategy

We will assess your risk profile and provide an indication of the investment returns required as part of your financial plan. We will make available our model investment portfolios and will review and rebalance at least annually as part of our on-going service to you.

Support you always

We will provide financial stewardship by encouraging you to make financial decisions in the context of your plan. We will liaise with other professionals on your behalf including your accountant or legal adviser as required.

Provide the right information

Your annual meeting will inform you as to the progress of your pension / investments in the context of your financial plan. You will know your number and what you might need to do to stay on track towards achieving your lifestyle goals.

What we won’t do


Make predictions about investments

We won’t make predictions about investment markets or offer advice as to when to enter or exit same. Our experience suggests clients are generally rewarded for their ’time in’ the investment rather than timing.


Get hung up on products

We prefer not to spend significant time at our planning meetings discussing whether this fund is better than that fund, or this provider is better than that provider but would rather focus on what’s most important to you.


Avoid the bad news

We don’t only tell you the good news. If you have inadequate family protection, business protection or pension provision, we will let you know.

We work with people at all stages of life and work

Business owners

Many of our clients are small business owners. They are usually aged between 40 and 60, typically married with children, lots of financial products and no clear direction or plan.

Business Owners

Our Professionals service is appropriate for clients typically between 30 and 40. They are busy people but would like some clarity on their current financial position along with a review of existing financial arrangements.

Workers & Professionals


This service is directed towards small business owners usually 60+ at or in retirement. They require financial stewardship and are very focussed on their numbers. They have a finite pot.


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