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Professionals & workers

Clear Professional

We encourage our clients to think bigger about their lives, by understanding their goals and objectives whilst trying to make the very best use of their resources. We believe that by making decisions in the context of a financial plan, it will make a difference to the lives of our clients. 

Getting things done


Purchasing my first property. Looking for my dream home.


Starting to invest. Reviewing pension structures from previous employments.

Keeping things simple

Am I well organised financially? A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

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Future concerns

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Have I considered what my ideal lifestyle looks like? Have I specific goals? What do I really want to do in life?


How much to I need to earn? Do I know my number? How much is enough? When can I get out of this job? Can my money work harder?

Family issues

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Start in Life

Having adequate funds available to pay for children’s education. Having funds available in the longer term to help children in purchasing property or getting married.


Is my income protected in the event of catastrophe? Do I have adequate life assurance of other protection benefits in place to ensure my family’s lifestyle is protected in the event of my premature death?

Case studies

Financial Planning Professional

Philip (35) and Anna (33) 

1 child (age 2)



David (42) and Aoife (39) – Married

Business Owners

2 children (ages 4 & 7)


Lifestyle issues

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Am I taking time to look after myself? Do I have a good work / life balance?

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