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Financial Planning Professional

Philip (aged 35) and Anna (aged 33)
Occupation: Professionals 

Family: 1 child (aged 2)



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  1. Philip and Anna are looking to buy their first home together

  2. They wish to start investing and have a few pension structures in place from previous employments

  3. They are earning decent salaries but feel financially disorganised and not really planning for the longer term



  1. We arranged and attended meetings with a mortgage advisor to seek requirements and take steps to obtaining mortgage approval within six months

  2. We reviewed the existing pension structures and transferred them to our clients control, thus breaking the link with former employers. An agreed investment strategy was put in place for pension funds for the longer term

  3. By building a financial plan, we now know what is required to achieve their goals whilst making the best use of resources.



  1. They are on their way to achieving their most important objective: Being Homeowners

  2. They are happy to have addressed the issue of pensions from previous employments which had been outstanding for them and are more informed regarding what is in their ‘bucket’ and what needs to happen from a pensions point of view

  3. The financial plan provides peace of mind as clients know that they have begun to address their short and long term financial issues

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