At Retirement

Joseph (aged 64) and Mary (aged 63) – Married
Occupation: Business Owners

Family: 4 children (ages 27 - 36)










Pension Confusion 

  1. Joseph and Mary received no ongoing advice or service regarding their pension plans

  2. They contributed to pensions for tax relief purposes but with no clear picture of what these pensions would provide at retirement in terms of cash lump sums and regular income

  3. There was no evident investment strategy or understanding of the client’s risk profile

  4. They had no idea how much income they needed in retirement to maintain their lifestyle

Lack of Co-ordination

There were multiple pension plans in place.

Exit From Business

  1. They had a short window to retirement and needed to understand if there was scope to place further funds in pension

  2. They needed to consider a tax efficient exit strategy from the business 


  1. By building a financial plan we understood what was required to achieve their goals whilst making the best use of their resources.

  2. We looked at what scope the business had to place further funds into their pensions before the retirement date

  3. We looked at what scope the business had to pay the clients a redundancy payment

  4. We looked at the possibility of an exit strategy in terms of our clients receiving Retirement Relief / Entrepreneurial Relief whilst liaising with a tax advisor

  5. We discussed how best our clients might access their pension benefits in terms of tax-free cash and post retirement income

  6. We determined our client’s risk profiles and developed agreed investment strategies for their post retirement products

  7. Joseph and Mary now have a clear understanding of the ongoing income they might receive from their post retirement products and how this will fund their lifestyle 


  1. In identifying their ‘Number’, the clients have managed to make financial decisions within their business allowing them to provide for their lifestyle, via pensions, redundancy payments and retirement relief, all before their exit from the business

  2. Our ongoing service provides peace of mind to the clients in knowing that their post retirement investment products have an agreed investment strategy linked to their risk profiles and their financial plan, with framework financial monitoring progress.

  3. They understand the level of post retirement income they will receive and the tax implications in respect of that income.

  4. They have peace of mind in knowing that they have a plan in place and the plan ensures they can maintain their lifestyle.

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